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T h e   s t o r y   s o   f a r   .  .  .


I'm an Australian director, producer and story practitioner of Japanese-Vietnamese heritage.

I make digital content, short films, documentaries, music videos and television.


My narrative work traverses the hidden landscape of our inner lives - intimate stories that consider the nuance and complexity of the human condition - and explore the themes of culture, identity, reconciliation and belonging.

I'm a passionate advocate and practitioner of ethical storytelling, trained in working cross-culturally and dedicated to crafting sophisticated visual stories that offer new perspectives, cultivate emotional intelligence and evoke contemplation.


What most drives my work is the potential for storytelling to ignite curiosity and facilitate connection. I'm especially drawn to projects that serve a community or a cause. 

Although predominantly working as a director, I am also a proficient producer with over 15 years working on feature films, television dramas, factual series, commercials and short films in various production roles.


My breadth of experience is diverse & practical, cultivating a deep understanding of filmmaking as a collaborative art form, as much as it is a business.


I have the capacity to provide end–to–end production services, pulling together the appropriate teams for each project, from a trusted professional network of film technicians, crew and facilities.


I'm excited by collaboration and creative problem solving so if you have an idea or project that you would like to bring to life, please get in touch and let’s explore the possibilities.







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